Maya Cage and Livestock Equipment for Foreign Trade and Industry Co., Ltd. was established in 2002 with the aim of providing the best services in the chicken cage industry. Since our establishment, we have been working continuously to improve and offer the best services to our customers by providing more innovative products. We were able to increase our production capacity, which we started with a production volume of 200,000 in our first years, which gradually increased until it reached a production capacity of 7,000,000 per year.

     In order to be a global brand and a whole new face, we continue our business with the name Maytav, which is easy to pronounce and understand. Thanks to our ability to export and satisfy our customers, we were able to enter the global markets in a strong way, adding to the Turkish market. In the field of foreign trade, especially in the Arab countries and the Turkish republics, we are proud to be a reliable and well-established company in this field. In coordination with the European Union projects, and through the studies that we have done through our projects in the welfare of laying hens, we have been able to develop the egg collection system to the waterfall system, which we export to the countries of the Middle East, especially to European countries.

     As a metaf company, we were able to develop a new product for the poultry sector by developing the field of egg collection which is the elevator collection system. This system saves poultry owners labor and time to collect eggs. In addition, we have obtained design registration certificates for the new named egg collection system waterfall system. Regardless of the waterfall system egg collection system, we continue to introduce innovations in the poultry sector by introducing new systems for the egg transfer process. We have made the bends on our egg conveying system that will provide high quality service and products by signing many innovations in the poultry sector.

Online Catalog

You can find additional information about the materials used in the production of our products and their intended use in our online catalog. You can check our products and systems online in our catalog prepared in 4 different languages.